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Stencils 360º™ is covered by United States Patent No. 11,279,168

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We are super excited to introduce to you the Stencils 360°™!  This is a revolutionary line of products that will put a whole new perspective on the way you use stencils from here on out!  These special tools will help you create the most beautiful designs in the least amount of time! 

Also check out the 16"X16" FROSTED ZIPPER BAG which is the perfect storage solution for your Stencils 360°™.

Included in this Starter Kit are:

1) Stencils 360°™ (a 10-piece set):

  • The Base™, and the following pieces which fits in the centre
  • one 8" Guide Rings™ - for working with all 8" 360°™ Stencils
  • one 6" Guide Rings™ - for working with all 6" 360°™ Stencils
  • one 4" Guide Rings™ - for working with all 4" 360°™ Stencils
  • one Paper Positioner for 4" square size cardstock
  • one Paper Positioner for 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" A2 size cardstock
  • one Paper Positioner for 4 3/4" square size cardstock
  • one Paper Positioner for 6" square size cardstock
  • one Paper Positioner for 7" square size cardstock
  • one Paper Positioner for 7 1/2" square size cardstock

2) One circular stencil (8" diameter): Waterspout Stencils 360°™, and

3) One Adhesive Eraser (size: 3 1/8" x 3 1/8") 

The Stencils 360°™ combined with our line of 360°™ circular stencils, you can easily create gorgeous designs with ease!  Our 360°™ stencils can be classified into 3 categories:

  • Singe Barrel™ - (one stencil)
  • Double Barrel™ - (two stencils per set)
  • Multi-Barrel™ - (two+ stencils per set)

Create colorful wreaths with just a single stencil and without the need for tracing or masking!  Or play with our Double Barrel™ and Multi-Barrel™ designs to create intriguing overlays.  You can even mix and match stencils from different sets to get different looks!  Creating with stencils has never been so much fun!  The possibilities are endless!

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