Angel Policy

"Stamp your Story, Create to Celebrate"

At Penguin Palace, we allow the use of our copyrighted products for making original creations for resale purpose; nonetheless, we do have the following rules which protect us and our copyrighted art work:
  • Penguin Palace designs are protected under the Copyright Ordinance.  
  • Our copyrighted images or products may not be used for websites, logos, trademarks, or other promotional materials.
  • Our copyrighted images or products may not be used in any swap or rental business or any type of profitable business.
You may sale hand-stamp or die-cut art work if you abide to all the following criteria:
  • All artwork created by the artist must be their original work.
  • All artwork must be hand stamped individually, die-cut individually, and may not be reproduced or copied in any way. This includes but not limited to photocopying, scanning, printing, tracing, etc.
  • Mass production is not allowed.  Artwork for sale must be hand stamped by the artist personally. 
  • All artists selling their original creations must assume all liabilities and responsibilities for their work and agree to indemnify Penguin Palace from any disputes arising from their work.
  • Quantities of each original work must be limited in scope and must not constitute an ongoing business.
  • Use of any Penguin Palace copyrighted images or products must be credited back to Penguin Palace or a link to this shop shall be included.

Penguin Palace reserve our right to deny the use of Penguin Palace products in creations for resale at any time.

Please be advised that Penguin Palace may amend these policies at any time without prior notice.