Mega Summer Blossom Stencils 360°™


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If you like floral designs, this Double Barrel™ stencils are a must-have in your craft room!  This set contains 2 stencils, an 8" barrel and a 4" barrel.  You can use them separately or together.  You can even substitute 4" barrels from another 360°™ set to create different designs!

This set is really versatile as you can easily achieve variations by using different turning intervals and different ink colors.  Pair it up with some scripty sentiment or die-cut and the possibilities are endless!  Great for cards and home decor!

Stencils 360°™ is a revolutionary line of products that will put a whole new perspective on the way you use stencils from here on out!  These special tools will help you create the most beautiful designs in the least amount of time!

Sizes: 8" diameter & 4" diameter

These stencils are intended to be used in conjunction with the Stencils 360°™.

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