Experience the Art of Modern Stencilling

Build Multicolor Wreaths / Backgrounds In Minutes

Our custom wreath and background stencils let you apply different colors in one go - no layering or masking required!

One Stencil • Multiple Designs

Versatility is key! Spin our custom stencils at different angles to create different looks! Try it and let your creative vision shine!

Dynamic & Captivating Geometric Designs

With its 360° designs, you can create stunning and unique works of art easily AND quickly. Unleash your imagination and explore the full circle of art!

Did You Know?

Crafters are having so much fun with the Stencils 360°™

Stencils 360° Friends Ed.™

Introducing the all-new Stencils 360° Friends Ed., the mini version of the original Stencils 360°™. With its compact size and gorgeous carry case, the Stencils 360° Friends Ed™. is perfect for on-the-go and all your crafty gatherings!

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