Flutters Stencils 360°™


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Elevate your card projects with Flutters Stencils 360°™,  the perfect stencil set for creating beautiful butterfly wreaths!  Simply rotate your stencil at its suggested  turning interval and easily create gorgeous radial butterfly silhouettes, adding a touch of grace and beauty to your work.  

Stencils 360°™ is a revolutionary line of products that will put a whole new perspective on the way you use stencils from here on out!  These special tools will help you create the most stunning designs in the least amount of time!

Sizes: Barrels A and B -  6" diameter and 4" diameter respectively (both transparent)

This stencil is intended to be used in conjunction with the Stencils 360°™ or the Stencils 360° Friends Ed.™. 

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