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Stencils 360º Friends Ed. ™ is covered by United States Patent No. 11,279,168

Elevate your crafty gatherings with the Stencils 360°™ Friends Ed.™!  

This mini version of our Best Selling Stencils 360°™ is perfect for all your crafty get-togethers, retreats and so much more!  Its compact and user-friendly design lets YOU create the most amazing masterpieces effortlessly.  Impress your friends with your unique creations and have a blast crafting together!  A great conversation starter! 

With its stylish and functional custom carry case, you can easily store all your stenciling supplies on-the-go.  Plus, it makes a wonderful gift for any crafty adults and kids alike!  Experience the ultimate creativity and channel your inner artist with this innovative stenciling tool! 


1) A 3-piece set stenciling tool comprised of:

  • The Base™, and the following pieces fits in the centre
  • one 4" Guide Rings™ - for working with all 4" 360°™ Stencils
  • one Paper Positioner™ for 3 3/4" square size cardstock

2) One set of Glowing Beams Stencils 360°™

3) Compact Carry Case- Size 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/4" with one inner zipper pocket to store your favourite inks and brushes on-the-go.

4) A simple to follow Quickstart Guide to get you started creating in minutes

[Brushes sold separately]

Storage and use: Keep away from heat.  Cleaning: Simply clean the 3-piece tool with baby wipes, or rinse with mild soap and running water and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

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