Beautifully innovate your crafting abilities with Stencils 360°™ from Penguin Palace! Our versatile circular stencils allow you to create eye-catching and intricate designs with ease. Whether you're working on a handmade card, a scrapbooking project, or even decorating your home, Stencils 360°™ is perfect for all your creative needs.

This tool’s rotating design ensures you can easily rotate and reposition the stencil while creating multicolor wreaths without the need for masking. No more struggling to get your stencil in the right place when layering stencils for different colors. With Stencils 360°™, you'll have professional-looking results every time. Check out our exciting assortment of stencils to find the most successful tool for your next project. Our geometric stencils are ready to update your creative toolkit today.